Security & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’re constantly securing, guarding and protecting your personal information with three kinds of data protection:

  • Network Solutions Data Encryption (HTTPS): 

The S in HTTPS means that our site is secured using encryption.  This premium service is secured 24/7 and assures that all the data you input and access on our site is only readable by you and our secure database by way of bidirectional encryption of all communications.

  • WordPress Security:

WordPress, the site builder used to create McGruff-Safe-Kids.com and the Safe ID Kit microsite, uses 4 encrypted security keys to ensure the safety of information input into the website.

  • s2member Security Enhancements:

s2member, the membership builder used to create the Safe ID Kit microsite, uses the following security methods:  A Unique Security Encryption Key to ensure the safety of user information between the user and secure database, Brute Force Login Protection to monitor your account to assure unauthorized users aren’t attempting to access your user information, Unique IP Access Restrictions to prevent unauthorized users from accessing user information if a link is shared or saved in browser history, One-Way Password Encryption to ensure that your plain text password is not stored anywhere on our site or in our server.  Instead, the website automatically creates an encrypted ‘hash’ password that is impossible to decode.

Why is it important to have my child’s ID information readily available?

While it is unlikely that you will ever need to access, your child’s ID profile will be up-to-date, organized and available for authorities should they need it.

How do I know this information is secure?

Please read about the three types of data protection we use listed above:  Network Solutions Data Encryption (HTTPS), WordPress Security, and s2member Security Enhancements.

Doesn't putting my child's private information on a website make it easy for anyone to find him or her?

The information we have asked you to provide has been refined over the years with input from the U. S. Department of Justice, the National Crime Prevention Council, law enforcement agencies and educators.

The information we ask for is carefully designed NOT to lead anyone to your child - for example, we don't ask for physical locations such as a school, church or synagogue.  Additionally, we do not ask for a Social Security number, home address, your child’s cell phone number and so on. The information you provide will only assist authorities to help you locate your child.

Who has access to my child’s information?

You control all access to your child’s ID profile.  Nobody else will see or be able to access your account information.

Can I change or delete the information at any time?

Yes, you may securely and permanently delete you account information and your child’s ID profile at any time.